is a marketplace for authors and creators


is a collection of NFTs. Our mission is to respect and protect Artists by offering an [ideal_list] of carefully curated digital assets. We understand human vulnerabilities as a catalyst for co-creation.



reveals the opportunity for protecting Artists and unknown talents that trust technology as the only way to implement a fair and democratic human and digital marketplace. We use unique Identifiers to code ideal_list NFTs

In less than 20 years, the term “Metaverse”, coined by Neal Stephenson in the Cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, has gone from being part of the science fiction lexicon to becoming a reality under construction that tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are working on.


A metaverse is a virtual reality space where users interact as avatars. This alternate reality perfectly replicates the real world (adding some peculiarities), letting avatars, for example, buy and sell digital goods and create economies.

Since our current world is quickly moving to digital, more and more people are joining this new reality and investing their time and energy to build in it. Thus, many objects emerged as digital-only, so, as a result of the issues of ownership and copyright, NFTs have been established as a global answer to the problem.


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment. Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination.


[ideal_list] meets the needs of creators. Our strategy requires a direct link with the artists on a personal level. No less important is the quality of the author‘s physical and intellectual world. Creativity and imagination are also key to ensuring that the collections meet [ideal_list]’s expectations of the creators involved. Our team of digital designers protects the foundations and techniques already developed by the artists. We extend their channels to market in a digital environment.

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[ideal_list] stands for the combination of creative work behind building digital pieces.



Protecting and developing digital assets with creators that participate in the process.


Authenticity of each project, the transparency between people and the fairness of the business model.


Work with authors digitalizing and monetizing their creative experience.

This deal is smart transparent profitable


Process of (digital) creating and monetizing Artworks

Artist selection whether by self proposal or formal [ideal_list] advisory board invitation.
We do not guarantee availability for all proposals that we may receive.

Get to know the Artist more deeply.
Mutual and project presentation, definition of modus operandi for subsequent collaboration.

Discussion of the procedures inherent to the tokens realization and disclosure, dissemination strategies, “Artwork Collection Page” and Artist Landing Page creation on the [ideal-list] platform.

Sharing the way we design NFTs.
Process and workflow presentation for Tokens creation and publication.

Set agreement for Smart Contract.

[ideal_list]’s business model does not imply any initial investment or expense by the artist. All development work for both the NFTs and the promotional material, including the “Artwork Collection Page” and “Artist Landing Page” is supported by the sales commission already included on the Smart Contract.

The percentage values allocated to the Artist and to [ideal_list] are not watertight. Depending on the complexity and demand of the work to be carried out, the percentages may vary. However, before any beginning of the development of the elements, the contractual relationship to be defined in the Smart Contract must be agreed and established.

Building of the “Artist Landing Page” on the [ideal_list] website.

This page guarantees the necessary Artist presentation and his position in the [ideal_list] project.

It presents the resume and cv and with portfolio notes and is directly linked to the “Artwork Collection Page” (still on the [ideal_list] website), which in turn is directly linked to the respective “Collection” page at OpenSea.

The Artist must provide the essential elements for its fulfillment. (can be by sending files or providing links). The layout follows the standard defined as the page:

Development of the “Artwork Collection Page” on the [ideal_list] website.

This can be considered an extension of OpenSea’s “Collection Page” and can be accessed through the External link of this platform. (OpenSea will include a link to this URL on this item’s detail page, so that users can click to learn more about it.)

The Artist must provide the essential elements for its fulfillment. (can be by sending files or providing links). The layout follows the standard defined as the page:

NFT’s development.

Process previously defined with the Artist, which may involve scanning, CGI, animation, image editing, etc. The cost of this process, which can be more or less fast/complex, was however defined and contracted in the definition of the percentage allocated to [ideal_list], established in the Smart Contract.

Approving the Artist Landing Page“, Artwork Collection Page” and the NFT’s by the author.

Listing the NFT’s at OpenSea.

Validating our transactional agreement.
Confirming logins and revenue distribution model.

Promotion on social media and through direct contacts of both the artistic work/ artist and the [ideal_list] platform.

Assist authors so that revenue is maintained in the future.
Publication of new artworks.

Keeping and make it grow a unique marketplace for artists that combine tech and human skills.